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​Drone aerial photography

It can also be used for homepages for corporate PR, shooting for advertisements, shooting for individuals such as various events, new construction, SNS use, etc.

We provide aerial photography services at a safe price while listening to customer requests.

You can also edit the material you shot, so we will provide one-stop support from shooting to editing.


​​Drone school / class

We are offering a course for acquiring drone qualifications, and you can steadily improve your skills from introduction to practice.

Would you like to fly a drone together?

The course schedule can be adjusted according to the customer's convenience

Still image aerial photography

  • Shoot still image cuts according to customer's request

  • Still image shooting for WEB, SNS, advertising, recording

  • Raw data can be taken

​​ ¥ 15,000 ~

Video aerial

  • Shoot aerial video according to customer's request

  • You can check the recorded video immediately on the spot

  • Handing over shooting data (without editing)

¥ 33,000 ~

Video aerial photography (including editing)

  • Shoot aerial videos according to customer's request

  • Check the captured data immediately on the spot

  • Hand over the shooting data and edit the material according to the customer's desired size (~ 5 minutes)

¥ 55,000 ~

​Aerial support

  • Support your aerial photography

  • Visual confirmation of drone (auxiliary)

  • Drone rental

  • You can take pictures that you are satisfied with

¥ 33,000 ~

Please feel free to contact us as we can provide options according to your needs.

(Personal objective insurance already subscribed: Personal insurance 500 million yen / Objective insurance 500 million yen)

(Comprehensive application for all over Japan has been obtained)







静止画_10枚撮影、補正なし 16,500円

動画_30分、編集なし 33,000円




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