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Drone Business Okinawa

Focusing on Okinawa Prefecture (southern, central, northern, remote islands), we provide services such as photography, inspection, surveying, and pesticide spraying using drones, and provide training on drone maneuvering techniques and knowledge.



School / class

We are offering a course for acquiring drone qualifications, and you can steadily improve your skills from introduction to practice.

Would you like to fly a drone together?

The course schedule is tailored to the customer's convenience

Is possible


Helicopter shot

It can also be used for shooting homepages and leaflets for corporate PR, shooting for individuals such as various events, new construction, and using SNS.

We provide aerial photography services at a safe price while listening to customer requests.

You can also edit the material you shot, so you can take a one-stop service from shooting to editing.



Drones that can freely fly in the airspace up to 300 m from the ground, which cannot be flown by Cessna or helicopters, are said to be the "industrial revolution in the sky." The use of drones for surveying, pesticide spraying, inspections, disaster surveys, etc. has begun in various fields.

If you are looking for drone services and products, please leave it to Drone Business Okinawa.


Drone Business Okinawa

Affiliation of Japan Drone Business Support Association (aotori)

Established Reiwa January 01, 3

Representative: Kiyoto Ishikawa

Location: Maejima 3-chome, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture Tomari Port Building 1st floor



  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certified training organization

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism National Comprehensive Flight Permit Approved

  • Aerial photography and video editing

  • Implementation of drone training

  • Business utilization of drones such as inspection and pesticide spraying

  • Infrared diagnostics, UAV photogrammetry and point cloud data analysis

  • Creation of websites and web advertisements using drone shooting materials

  • Experience event exhibition

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